Kansa Vadh Story in English

Kansa Vadh Story: The ruler of Mathura City was Kansa. He was Sri Krishna’s maternal uncle. The folklore says that Janmashtami commemorates Bhagwan Sri Krishna’s birth. He was Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar, and he killed the evil King Kansa. Kansa put his father King Ugrasen in prison because he was incredibly nasty and evil-minded. He then forcibly proclaimed himself the King of Mathura, a city in North India. Kansa tortured and tormented his fearful subjects. Even the cowherds in Mathura and nearby Gokul, Barsana, and Nandgaon villages were not exempt. They were victimized so severely that they had no choice but to submit to his authoritarian tactics.

Defense of Demons

With the aid of his demon army, King Kansa was able to instil dread and carry out his nefarious plans. Putana, Bakasura, and Aghasura were his close companions and servants.

Dedicated Brother

Devki was the younger sister of King Kansa, who adored her and granted her every request. Vasudev and Devki were wed in a lavish ceremony by him. One of Kansa’s cousins and a senior army officer was Vasudev. However, Devki and Vasudev’s eighth child would kill him, according to rumors that were spread during the wedding ceremony. This infuriated Kansa, who then attempted to murder his sister. He seemed to have transformed from being in love to being hateful. Vasudev gave him his word that he would give Kansa custody of all of Devki’s newborn children. He imprisoned the couple and kept them under constant watch of guards. At least Vasudev and Devki were permitted to survive.

Murder of Infants

The first six infants born to Kansa’s sister Devki and brother-in-law Vasudev were murdered. Balram, Krishna’s older sibling, was actually the couple’s seventh child. When he was placed in Rohini’s womb, the divine being saved him. Vasudev has a second wife named Rohini. Kansa was to be killed by Lord Krishna, the eighth child of the marriage. Since Krishna was transferred to Gokul the night he was born, he was miraculously preserved. Baba Nand, a close friend of Vasudev, Yashoda, and Krishna were entrusted with taking care of Krishna. In return, a little girl was brought to a prison cell in Mathura. Kansa attempted to murder the eighth kid after learning of her birth. However, before disappearing, this youngster declared that Kansa’s destroyer had been born and was secure. He was growing up with an unidentified family in a nearby village.

Attempts to Kill the Child

As soon as Kansa found out that his sister Devki’s eighth child had been born. Additionally, the youngster was growing in safety in a different hamlet. One-day-old male infants were to be put to death in and around Mathura, Evil Kansa ordered his warriors. Kansa made numerous unsuccessful efforts to kill the infant.

Putana – The Demon episode

To get rid of infants in the village, Kansa dispatched one of his dependable workers. This was the demon, Putana. She gave the young children poisoned milk, which killed them. Finally, she went to see Krishna, a baby who had been fed toxic milk and had sucked out her life.

Demon Trinivarta’s Death

When Kansa learned of Putana’s passing, he dispatched Trinivarta to murder Sri Krishna. The child Krishna was taken away by Trinivarta after he changed into a whirlwind. Trinivarta intended to discard Krishna. However, Krishna put on weight and grew heavier. As a result, the demon was unable to advance. The weight of Lord Krishna eventually became too much for the demon to bear. Trinivarta died after collapsing to the ground.

End of Bakasura

Kansa inspired his friend Bakasura to kill Krishna by changing into a crane. Krishna was struck by Bakasura’s beak. However, Bakasura’s beak was destroyed by Lord Krishna once he grabbed hold of it. As a result, Krishna instantaneously murdered Bakasura.

King Kansa Vadh

King Kansa had grown weary of hearing about the demise of each and every one of his loyal demon slaves. So, he invited Balram and Krishna, both of his nephews, to a wrestling contest at Mathura. At the entrance to the arena, Krishna was killed by Kansa using the elephant Kuvalyapeeda. But Krishna put an end to the elephant and the next two selected sportsmen, Toshalaka and Charuna. Kansa was finally in Krishna’s grasp. He threw Kansa to the ground while holding him by his hair.

Kansa Vadh Story in English

“You still have your eighth son! He is in Vrindavan, and his name is Krishna “Kansa expressed his intense rage. Devaki, his sister, and Vasudev, her husband, shook in the presence of his dreadful face.

Kansa continued, “You two have been tricking me for a long time. “But no longer. I’ll kill that kid right now, and then I’ll kill you two. You two were now free. But now I’m going to return you to jail. You’ll be there until you pass away.”

With this thunderous proclamation, he gave his men orders to seize the couple and imprison them in the royal jail.

Their entire lives had been spent in prison for nine years. They were sent back to prison after learning that their child had survived.

The weeping parents consoled one another and anticipated the day when their son would kill the oppressive ruler.

It had been several years since the Oracle had informed Kansa that the eighth child of his sister Devaki would murder him. When the eighth child turned out to be a daughter instead of a son, Kansa had already killed her seven sons and had freed his sister and her husband Vasudev.

However, after learning that his nephew was still alive and well in Vrindavan, Kansa once more put Devaki and her husband in prison before leaving for his personal quarters.

Kansa bellowed with a thunderous “Kootaka!” Where is Keshi?” I told him to kill the child just two days ago, and that has now happened. What’s going on with him?

The first minister trembled in horror even as he said, “Keshi… was killed by Krishna, My Lord,” for he was fully aware of the King’s fury.

Kansa yelled, “Whattttttttt!!! ” “Keshi is my favourite servant. Dead? So how is that possible? Is that boy really so strong? In fear and rage, he questioned Kootaka.

Yes, my Lord, he is, he is, and so it is! Indeed!” the minister mumbled. He appears to have magical abilities from birth, my Lord. We now understand that Krishna cannot be put to death using common methods. Therefore, we should use deception to force him to visit Mathura.

Withholding his fear, Kootaka continued, “Kansa had always had the nagging fear that the words of the Oracle may, somehow, come true and that he may not be able to kill his nephew after all.” But how could he show his fear; he was supposed to be the mighty ruler, master of all “Words have the power to accomplish what a sword cannot. Ask Krishna to visit Mathura by calling your cousin Akrura and telling him to travel to Vrindavan. Because of his skill with words, he will undoubtedly be able to win Krishna over and convince him to visit.

Kansa pondered for a while. He said, yes, I believe this just might work, he said as he called his cousin. He despatched Akrura to Vrindavan after explaining his strategy to him. But he had no idea that Akrura was a devoted follower of Krishna!

Akrura wasted little time in moving on. He travelled to Vrindavan with a lot of trepidation. He informed Krishna about Kansa’s wicked plans as soon as he arrived.

Krishna guffawed. He said, “Let him have it if that is what he wants, but it seems like Kansa is genuinely anxious to die, rather than quietly waiting for it.Go together to Mathura!”

Krishna accepted his parents’ blessings, who were hesitant to agree at first. Even though they were aware that their sons were not regular mortals, they were quite concerned at the notion of anything bad happening to them.

Along with his brother Balaram, Krishna left Vrindavan with Akrura and travelled to the realm of his uncle. In Mathura, word of Krishna’s presence quickly spread. So, there was interest, excitement, and delight everywhere.

Kansa was devising a strategy to get rid of his nephew in the meantime. He suddenly had a thought.

He questioned Kootaka, “Is the crazy elephant Kuvalayapida awake?”

Yes, my lord, Kootaka said. He is securely shackled, yet he is attempting to escape.

Then release him into the streets, Kansa growled. He yelled angrily, “Let him kill the 2 young children!”

Kootaka, much against his better judgement, obediently carried out the king’s command and let the elephant loose in the streets. He didn’t want Krishna and Balaram to perish, after all. But the idea of the king’s anger caused him to act differently.

As soon as the deranged Kuvalayapida was let out, he began destroying everything in his path. In terror, people screamed and fled for their lives.

Kuvalayapida was startled to see a young man with blue skin standing in the centre of the main thoroughfare. Krishna was the boy. The elephant charged in his direction. Krishna pulled out his sword and severed his trunk as he was about to approach. The insane animal bellowed in agony before collapsing and dying.

The bravery of Krishna astounded the residents of Mathura. They shouted his name and praised him loudly. The two brothers received blessings from the city’s elderly women, and young girls showered them with flowers.

“God is praised! The crowd shouted, “Jai Balaram! Cheers for the two!”

Balaram grinned and shouted, “How they love us.

“Yes, but keep your head on straight, brother. Danger is still all around us “admonished Krishna.

And it didn’t take long for Krishna’s prophecy to come true.

Kansa returned to the court enraged. “The elephant is now also deceased. Please tell me how to murder my nephew! I will stop at nothing to see that they are killed “Angry, he yelled at his minister.

“You may rely on Mushtika and Chanura to complete the task, my Lord. I believe Krishna will definitely be killed by them “Kootaka stated. They are unbeatable warriors who have never previously been defeated by a mortal.

Kansa enthusiastically replied, “Yes!” The demon brothers Mushtika and Chanura will undoubtedly kill my nephew, you’re right.

Kansa informed them right away. They emerged from their slumber to observe the two brothers strolling close to the arena.

“”Ha ha! Will these kids challenge us to a fight? Why, they resemble tiny kittens just starting out! Look at them, Chanura chuckled. So little, so frail… We can use our little finger to crush them! “, Mushtika chuckled.

However, nobody could have foreseen what would happen next.


The very next second, Mushtika felt a sharp knock to the head. Balaram had used his powerful mace to assault Mushtika. Mushtika screamed in despair as he collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain.

You hit my brother, Chanura shouted. He charged at Balaram while roaring and yelling, “You’re very rude to assault him! I won’t hold back. I’m going to kill you.” He let out an agonising moan, and a minute later he was prostrate on the ground. He had experienced Krishna’s blow.

At this point, the arena was packed with fans who were rooting for the two demon warriors to perish.

The soft-hearted mother shook her head in sorrow at the hopelessness of the situation, “Oh no! They’re mere boys! What can they do against these demon-like wrestlers?

Another man reassured him, “Our Krishna and Balaram are wonderful beings, blessed by Lord Vishnu. They will surely destroy them.”

The woman screamed, “Behind you, Krishna!” at once.

Krishna quickly turned to the side to avoid Chanura’s impending axe attack. He dodged the axe by moving quickly. He stooped, grabbed hold of Chanura’s thick legs, and pulled vehemently. The monster lost his footing and collapsed with a loud crash!

Kansa, meantime, was restless inside the palace. He had been waiting for so long that he was losing control of his irritation. He thought lustfully, “My demon warriors must have killed Krishna by now… I want to see the lad dead!” and hurried to the arena while grinning evilly.

But what he discovered there astounded him beyond belief. What a terrible shock it was for him to discover his best fighters captured by Krishna and Balaram!

Kansa beheld Krishna for the first time in his life, and his heart nearly stopped in fright. His nightmares appeared to have materialised in some way.

Kansa had come to witness the fight, and when Krishna glanced up and spotted him, he exclaimed, “Here, Uncle!” with joy.

As soon as Krishna said this, Chanura was instantly killed.

Evil Kansa, it is now your turn to depart for Hell, roared Krishna.

Kansa experienced a body-wide freezing sensation. The sight of his cheerful nephew walking closer to him made him experience a tremendous terror. For the previous few years, he had been seeing this image in his dreams every night. Kansa attempted to flee after experiencing a terrifying fear for his life.

The horror of their terrible ruler pleased the citizens of Mathura. Kill the tyrant for his oppressive rule and punish Kansa! Do not let him escape! ” they shouted with joy.

In an attempt to escape, Kansa rushed around the arena, but the people of Mathura, whom he had tormented for years, were not in a forgiving mood. They surrounded the arena, preventing Kansa from rising from the floor. The citizens of Mathura had endured much injustice in silence, much crying, and much without speaking out of fear. Now, they had the chance to respond, and they relished every second of it. The king was laughed and jeered at wherever he went.

But the monarch didn’t seem to care. He only desired to live to see another day. Kansa attempted to stand up to protect himself. However, Krishna’s grip resembled that of Death.

Finally, Kansa pleaded, “Leave me Krishna, please forgive me!”

“Now is too late to ask for forgiveness. Evil tyrant, your time is up “Balaram yelled. “Your time to pass away has come. Think back on your sinful deeds in the pitch black of Hell “.

Krishna became enraged and shouted, “Now I’m going to crush you tighter and tighter for every sin you committed.” He said and tightened his hands, “This is for locking up my parents and making them live in a dungeon for nine years!” Kansa had trouble breathing.

Krishna tightened his grip even more, “This is for killing my seven siblings and countless innocent children in Mathura when I was born!” Kansa experienced an asthma attack.

And for holding my grandfather captive and terrorising the Mathuran population for so long! Krishna declared before shaking his head abruptly. Kansa took his final breath before passing away and dying.

Flowers descended from the heavens as the skies opened. Finally, the prophecy of the Oracle had come to pass. The seventh son of Devaki killed Kansa!

The residents of Mathura could finally smile once more after a very long period. They all let forth a jubilant, relieved sigh. They are at last liberated from the terrible Kansa’s rule.

“Our work is still not done. We still have work to do, Balaram “Krishna was reminded.

Balaram nodded in agreement, saying, “You’re right, brother.”

The brothers quickly arrived at the palace and went inside the dungeons housing Devaki and Vasudev. The jail gates were opened.

Krishna gently cried out, “Mother.” Vasudev and Devaki could not believe what they were seeing. Their son was standing in front of them. Their excitement at seeing their son was overwhelming. Devaki hugged Krishna and wept joyful tears for him.

After that, Krishna hurried to the subsequent cell and set his grandfather Ugrasena free. “My grandson, you are now the king,” Ugrasena stated after blessing him.

“I agree, Grandfather. But I must first go there because that is where my destiny resides “Krishna responded as he got ready to head to Vrindavan.

The terrible Kansa’s rule came to an end at that point. He received punishment after the fact, but it was appropriate and as harsh as his actions.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After defeating Kansa, what did Krishna do?

Kansa was destroyed when Krishna arrived back in Mathura. He then proclaimed Ugrasena to be the new ruler of the realm.

Who assassinated Mathura’s evil king Kansa?

Deity Krishna

Who are Kansa’s mother and father?

Despite being found to not be King Ugrasena’s biological child, Kansa is the child of King Ugrasena and Queen Padmavati.

Lord Krishna left Mathura for what reason?

According to mythology, Lord Krishna defeated his paternal uncle Kansa and placed his grandfather Ugrasen as ruler of Mathura. Jarasandh, the king of Magadh, the father-in-law of Kansa, invaded Mathura multiple times. Krishna and also the Yadavas decided to shift the regional capital from Mathura to Dwarka in order to safeguard his people.

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