Kalashtami or Kaal Bhairava Ashtami

Kalashtami or Kaal Bhairava Ashtami

Kalashtami, otherwise called Kala Ashtami, is noticed consistently during the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha. Enthusiasts of Lord Bhairav quickly and love him on all Kalashtami days in the year.

As per legend, when Lord Brahma offended Lord Shiva, Kala-Bhairava showed up from the irate Lord Shiva’s temple and cut off Lord Brahma’s head, leaving him with just four heads. The head of Lord Brahma adhered to Bhairava’s left side palm because of the transgression of killing Lord Brahma, the most scholarly Brahmin – Brahmacharya. To appease the wrongdoing of Brahmahatya, Bhairava needed to play out the commitment of a Kapali: meandering the world as an exposed transient with the skull of the killed as his asking bowl. Bhairava’s transgression was at long last appeased when he arrived at the blessed city of Varanasi, where a sanctuary devoted to him exists.

It is accepted that reciting the Kala Bhairava Astangam is exceptionally advantageous. At the point when an individual goes to the Lord, he is liberated from dread, obstructions, and distress, and simultaneously because of this heavenly God’s effortlessness an individual gets moment edification, is liberated from obligations, is restored from disease, and achieves unexpected thriving.

Ordinarily, the eighth day of the disappearing moon every month is viewed as a favorable opportunity to get the endowments of Kala Bhairava. This year, December second is the eighth winding down of the moon, which is a decent day to revere this divinity that can do tweaking an individual’s time idea. Unique customs are finished in sanctuaries for Kala Bhairava on this day.

Significance of Kalashtami or Kaal Bhairava Ashtami

Kalashtami is a significant celebration for Hindus as it is accepted that revering Kalabhairava on this day acquires achievement and monetary solidness in life. It is additionally said that Lord Bhairav shields his aficionados from a wide range of pessimistic feelings and senses like outrage, desire, and eagerness. Kalabhairav, the fearsome type of Lord Shiva, is much of the time adored in numerous sanctuaries the nation over.

Kaal Bhairav Puja

Just before Kalabhairav Jayanti, the enthusiasts scrub down promptly in the first part of the day and afterward start with every one of the ceremonies. Allow us to figure out what those ceremonies are:

The lovers love every one of the three divinities Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, and Lord Kaal Bhairav together. Desserts, blossoms, and natural products are additionally proposed to the gods to satisfy them. After the puja, the lovers start by reciting the Kaal Bhairav Katha.

The lovers don’t rest all evening long and recount accounts of Lord Shiva and Lord Kalabhairava to the invitees and any remaining aficionados.

After presenting the Kaal Bhairav mantras and shlokas, fans love Kaal Bahirav at noon by playing out the Kaal Bhairav Aarti. The sound of conch shells, chimes, and drums while reciting the mantras makes a holy and positive climate.

Fans likewise quick on Kalabhairav Jayanti to wash away the entirety of their wrongdoings, dispose of impediments, and accomplish bliss and extraordinary outcome throughout everyday life.

In certain spots the nation over, enthusiasts likewise serve desserts and milk to canines as it is viewed as a consecrated strict demonstration. This is because canines are viewed as vehicles and friends of Lord Kalabhairava.

Kaal Bhairav Mantra

“Hrim batukaya updudharanay kuru batukaya hari.”
“Om Hreem Vatukaras Apadudharak Vatukaya Hreem”
“Om Haran Hreem Hoon Hrum Hrun Kshetrapalaya Kaal Bhairavaya Namah”

Who is Kaal Bhairav?

Lord Kaal Bhairav is the furious type of Lord Shiva. He is portrayed forcefully, with irate eyes, flaring hair, tiger teeth, snakes around his neck, and an unnerving laurel made of human skulls. Kaal Bhairav takes a Trishul, a drum, and the fifth head of Brahma, frequently looking frightening. He has a blue-tinted throat from gulping toxins to save the whole world. Accordingly, he is supposed to be the winner of death.

To achieve different siddhis, Lord Kaal Bhairav is generally adored by Tantriks and Yogis the nation over. He is additionally viewed as the defender and kotwal of the universe. In soothsaying, Lord Bhairav is the Lord of Rahu, to that end, individuals love him to get extraordinary advantages from Rahu. It is accepted that Bhairav is connected with Bhairavi, the Mahavidya Devi who favors us with Lagna Shuddhi, which cleans and jelly the body, character, character, and different characteristics connected with the devotees.

Lord Bhairav with full commitment and dedication can assist you with overcoming every one of your adversaries and making a wide range of progress and satisfaction on the planet. Adoring and performing legitimate Pujas routinely pacifies Lord Bhairav. A legitimate puja for Bhairav incorporates coconut, blossoms, vermilion, mustard oil, dark sesame, and so on which are proposed to the Lord to satisfy him and get his gifts. Even though Bhairav is the savage type of Shiva, he has eight structures – Kaal Bhairav, Asitanga Bhairav, Sanhar Bhairav, Ruru Bhairav, Krodh Bhairav, Kappal Bhairav, Rudra Bhairav, and Unmat Bhairav.

Beginning of Lord Bhairav

The beginning of Bhairav can be followed back to the “Shiva Maha-Purana”, in which the discussion between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu is portrayed. As indicated by the Purana, Lord Vishnu asks Lord Brahma who is the preeminent maker of the universe, Lord Brahma immediately proclaims himself as the maker of the universe. After hearing this, Lord Vishnu condemns Lord Brahma for his rushed and presumptuous response which prompts a long discussion. After the discussion, they choose to find solutions from the four Vedas. The Rigveda pronounces Lord Rudra otherwise called Shiva as the incomparable being and the maker of the universe. Yajurveda additionally answers that the person who we love by performing different Yagyas (Yagams) and other such thorough severities and ceremonies is, in all honesty, Shiva. The Samaveda states that the respected figure is adored by different yogis and the individual who controls the entire world is, as a matter of fact, Tryambakam (Shiva). Also, ultimately, the Atharvaveda says, through the way of commitment all individuals can see and feel the Lord who can remove every one of the concerns, distresses, and torment of everybody is Shankara (Shiva). After hearing this, both Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu began chuckling in dismay.

Then unexpectedly Lord Shiva showed up in a strong heavenly light. Lord Brahma took a gander at him irately with his fifth head. Lord Shiva quickly made a living being and said that he would turn into the lord of Kaal (passing) and would be known as Kaal Bhairav. In any case, Lord Brahma’s fifth head was all the while consumed on fire with outrage, Kaal Bhairav then, at that point, pulled the flaring head off from Brahma. To save Kaal Bhairav from Brahmahatya, Lord Shiva requested him to circumvent different heavenly spots (journeys). As taught, Kaal Bhairav took Brahma’s head in his grasp, began washing in different sacred spots (journeys), and adored various Divine beings however Brahmahatya Dosha was still after him, following him to each spot he would go to.

At long last, Kaal Bhairav arrived at Mokshapuri, Kashi. When he entered Kashi, Brahmhatya dosh converged into damnation. Brahma’s head (Kapal) fell at a spot called Kapal Mochan which was subsequently called Kapal Mochan Teerth. After this, Kaal Bhairav gave asylum to every one of his enthusiasts and settled himself for all time in Kashi. Individuals living or visiting Kashi ought to revere Kaal Bhairav as he safeguards his aficionados.

The day of Ashtami (the eighth day after Purnima) in the long stretch of Margashirsha, is viewed as a significant day to venerate Kaal Bhairav. Other than this, Sunday, Tuesday, Ashtami, and Chaturdashi are a portion of the significant days for venerating Kaal Bhairav. The fans who circumambulate Lord Kaal Bhairav multiple times can be liberated from every one of their wrongdoings and the people who love him for a long time can get a wide range of achievements throughout everyday life.

Second Story of Lord Kalabhairav

There is one more story of the beginning of Bhairav which is the account of Shiva and Shakti. Sati, the girl of Daksha, the Lord of the divine beings, picked Shiva as her better half. In any case, Daksh opposed their marriage by purportedly expressing that Shiva lives in the wilderness with wild creatures and apparitions and subsequently has no likeness to him. Be that as it may, Sati against her dad Daksh’s will wedded Shiva. Not long after their wedding, Daksha coordinated an excellent “Yagya” in his castle where he welcomed every one of the Lords and divine beings except Lord Shiva. After finding out about the Yagya, Sati chose to go there. When she arrived at the Castle, Daksha freely offended Shiva. Sati then incapable to bear the embarrassment of her significant other forfeited herself by hopping into the hallowed fire of the Yagya.

After realizing this, Lord Shiva obliterated the Yagya and killed Daksha by executing him. Shiva took the body of Shakti on his shoulders and began ruffling to a great extent in his Rudra structure which could obliterate the whole universe. That’s what to forestall, Lord Vishnu utilized his Sudarshana Chakra to cut Shakti’s body into pieces, which then, at that point, fell around. The spots where the body portions of Shakti had fallen are currently known as Shakti Peethas. It is said that Shiva as Bhairav safeguards every one of these Shaktipeeths. Each Shaktipeeth sanctuary is joined by a sanctuary devoted to Bhairav.

Types of Bhairav

There is a sum of 64 Bhairvas. These 64 Bhairvas are partitioned and assembled into 8 classifications and every classification is driven by one Pramukh Bhairava. The significant eight Bhairvas are called Ashtanga Bhairava. Every one of the 8 bearings of the universe is constrained by the Ashta Bhairav. Each Bhairav has seven sub-Bhairavas, which is a sum of 64 Bhairavas. All the Bhairavas are administered and constrained by Maha Swarna Kaal Bhairav, who is known as Kaal Bhairav. As indicated by some Shaivite Tantric sacred writings, Kaal Bhairav is the incomparable leader of the universe and Bhairavi is his better half.

Kalabhairava: The Defender of the Universe

It is said that the 8 Bhairavs address the five components of the universe – Air, Fire, Water, Sky, and Earth, and the rest three are the sun, the moon, and the spirit. Every one of the 8 Bhairavas is different apparently, has various weapons, and various vehicles. They even favor their supporters with 8 unique kinds of abundance which address Ashta Lakshmi. It is likewise trusted that if you love Bhairav reliably and with full dedication, you can achieve a genuine Lord in your life. There are additionally various mantras for all the eight different Bhairavs.
Bhairav is additionally called the defender, as he safeguards every one of the eight bearings of the universe. In Shiva sanctuaries, when the sanctuary is shut, the keys are put before Bhairav as it is accepted that he monitors the sanctuary.

Kalashtami 2022 Dates

January 25th, Tuesday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Jan 25, 7:49 AM – Jan 26, 6:25 AM

February 23rd, Wednesday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Feb 23, 4:56 PM – Feb 24, 3:04 PM

March 25th, Friday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Mar 25, 12:10 AM – Mar 25, 10:04 PM

April 23rd, Saturday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Apr 23, 6:27 AM – Apr 24, 4:30 AM

May 22nd, Sunday Ashtami Tithi Timing : May 22, 1:00 PM – May 23, 11:34 AM

June 21st, Tuesday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Jun 20, 9:01 PM – Jun 21, 8:31 PM

July 20th, Wednesday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Jul 20, 7:36 AM – Jul 21, 8:12 AM

August 19th, Friday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Aug 18, 9:21 PM – Aug 19, 10:59 PM

September 17th, Saturday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Sep 17, 2:14 PM – Sep 18, 4:33 PM

October 17th, Monday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Oct 17, 9:30 AM – Oct 18, 11:58 AM

November 16th, Wednesday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Nov 16, 5:50 AM – Nov 17, 7:57 AM

December 16th, Friday Ashtami Tithi Timing: Dec 16, 1:39 AM – Dec 17, 3:02 AM

Frequently Asked Questions about Kalabhairav (FAQs)

Is Kalashtami a nice day?

Kalashtami is a heavenly day for Hindus. On this day, enthusiasts of Kalabhairav love him to be honored with progress and monetary steadiness.

For what reason do we pray to Kala Bhairava?

Each Shakti Peeth is watched by Ruler Kaal Bhairav and they are known as Bhatuk Bhairav. It is said Lord Kaal Bhairava’s powers lie in the mysterious sciences and accordingly, for mysterious specialists, Bhairava is the most favored divinity. Venerating Ruler Kaal Bhairav assists with defeating illnesses, foes, adversaries and destitution.

What is bhairava the divine force of?

Bhairava signifies “horribly fearsome structure”. Otherwise called one annihilates dread or one who is past trepidation. One understanding is that he safeguards his enthusiasts from horrible foes, covetousness, desire and outrage.

Why liquor is given to Bhairav?

As per the Prithviraj Bharati, minister at the popular Mangalnath sanctuary in Ujjain, alcohol is proposed to the god since it structures one of the five ceremonies of tantra – Madira (alcohol), Mudra (signal), Maithun (Physical Desires), Monitors (meat) and Meen (fish). In the times past, each of the five M’s were proposed to the god.

Is Kaal Bhairav married?

As per the Puranas, Kaal Bhairava was made by Shiva to obliterate devils during a conflict among devas and asuras and later Astanga Bhairavas were made. The Ashta Bhairavas wedded Ashta Matrikas who have an unfortunate structure.

Why Kala Bhairava has a dog?

Dogs are revered in Hinduism, and they are considered the vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Dogs contain generally excellent elements and handily appended with anybody, and would serve steadfastly to its master.

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