Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR

Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR

Jeet Ka Junoon Event By Coach BSR: Discover How to Create a Winning Mentality and succeed in the game of Life.

Powerful Program for One Day That Will Change Your Life Completely.

It is frequently observed that people are perpetually curious about how to succeed. What are the strategies that will help us succeed?

Do you aspire to the heights of success? Do you want to know how 9% of the world’s population holds control over 99% of its wealth?

Have you ever paused to consider where you are going in this mundane, everyday life? Or what do you want your life to accomplish?

Why do some men effortlessly become wealthy while others, despite working hard all their lives, are unable to achieve their goals?

If the answer is yes, you should participate with BSR and his team to be a participant in this amazing programme.

One programme, “Jeet ka Junoon,” has the power to address all of your issues.

This programme has already been used by more than 75 lakh people, and now it’s your turn.

Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR Date

The official date of Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR is 22 January 2023.

Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR Timings

The Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR timing is 9:30 A.M. onwards.

Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR Venue

The venue of Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR is Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, South East Delhi, New Delhi, India.

Location on Google Maps:

Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR Entry Fees

Entry is free for Jeet Ka Junoon Event by Coach BSR, but you have to book your seat first to be a part of the event.

Official link to book the seat: Jeet Ka Junoon Delhi by CoachBSR, 22 Jan 2023, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi Event

Top Motivators for Attending This Workshop

  • BSR’s Method for Constant Motivation
  • Resources For Overcoming Obstacles & Negativity
  • Proven Method for Getting More Done in Less Time
  • How To Always Perform at Your Highest Level
  • The Different Routes from Middle Class to Upper Class
  • New Approaches to Thinking
  • Networking Possibilities
  • Motivated to Perform Better

Get to Know Your Trainer: Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR)

  • By 2030, BSR aims to transform 50 million lives.
  • BSR thinks that everyone has an inalienable right to a prosperous life, and he wants to assist people in acquiring the skills needed to achieve financial abundance.
  • BSR Has Changed 30 Million Lives Over the Course of a Career that Lasts More Than Ten Years.

If you haven’t registered in this course despite his numerous training programmes in the offline and online realms, you must be uncertain about anything.

Where can I find the team?

Call us at 9667674477 or send an email at

How do I reserve a seat at a seminar?

Choose the best ticket for you, pay the required amount, and your seat at the seminar will be confirmed.

What language is used in the Seminar?

Hindi is the language of this seminar.

Is there a policy for refunds?

Since the value you are receiving is so great and over 10,000 people have trusted our seminar, we apologize that there is no refund policy.


Please arrive on time at the location.

Call 9667674477 for further information.


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