Christmas FAQ

Christmas FAQ

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What is the best Christmas present ever?

A story by Michael Morpurgo is titled The Best Christmas Present in the World. In this tale, the author purchases a roll-top table from a salvage yard and begins restoring it on Christmas Eve. He discovers a hidden space in the last drawer while fixing it. There was a tiny tin box in the concealed area. Inside the tin box, he discovers a letter that Jim Macpherson, a captain in the English Army, sent to his wife Connie. It was a description of an occurrence that happened on Christmas Day in 1914 on the battlefield.

The soldiers from Germany and England were having Christmas together that day, completely oblivious to their animosity toward one another and the fact that they were at war. They dined and drank together. They performed carols and played a football game at night. The nicest Christmas present ever was given to Mrs. Macpherson when the author brought this letter to the hospital.

In A Christmas Carol, how many ghosts appear?


Where was Jesus the child born?

Where Bethlehem

A real-life department store served as the inspiration for the film Miracle on 34th Street. It is what?


What was it that Rudolph’s brilliant red nose prevented the other reindeer from allowing him to do?

Participate in reindeer games.

What is a well-known festive drink that also goes by the moniker “milk punch”?


How many gifts were presented in total throughout “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?


Who is the author of the well-known holiday song “Frosty the Snowman”?

Steve Nelson and Walter Rollins.

What was “The Little Drummer Boy’s” original title?

A “Carol of the Drum.”

What is presented on the seventh day according to the carol “Twelve Days of Christmas”?

Swimming swans.

What kind of Christmas will Elvis have if it’s not going to be a white one?

Blue Christmas

What well-known holiday tune was the first to be transmitted from space?

‘Jingle Bells’

“The stars in the sky / Look down where He lay / The tiny Lord Jesus / Asleep on the hay,” what holiday song begins?

It is called “Away in a Manger.”

Where is a “Wigilia supper” hosted at Christmas?


Which nation invented the dessert called “White Christmas” that contains coconut oil and dried fruit?


Where is “Moro de granules with the coco” from and what does it mean?

Rice, pigeon peas, and coconut milk are the main ingredients in this Dominican Republic cuisine.

What form do people in Belgium give the seasonal bread “Cougnou”?

Baby Jesus

Is it true that Ikea made the largest gingerbread man?


What fairytale provided the first inspiration for gingerbread houses?

Hansel and Gretel

When and where were gingerbread homes created?

The sixteenth century in Germany

Where do candy canes originate?


The red and white colour scheme of Christmas candy canes?

According to mythology, Jesus Christ’s purity is symbolised by the white of the cane. The blood Jesus lost as he was crucified is symbolised by the scarlet stripes, on the other hand.

What is placed in the stockings of good-behaving children in the UK?


The foundation of Christmas trifles is typically infused with which type of drink?


Who is credited with making Santa’s red and white outfit popular—a beverage manufacturer?


Where did the popular holiday beverage Eggnog come from?


Which nation often starts the holiday season with a glass of Bombardino, a brandy and advocaat concoction?


In a Snowball drink, what type of alcohol is used?


What does “Cola de Mono,” a milky Chilean holiday beverage, mean?

Cola de Mono is basically “monkey’s tail”

Which alcohol is typically paired with butter and served alongside Christmas pudding?


What is the base of mulled wine?

Spices, red wine, and sugar

On top of the Christmas trees, what ornament is customarily hung?

The angel or the star

When did Rockefeller Center light its first Christmas tree?

In 1933

Which kind of plant is OK for people to kiss beneath during the holiday season?


Where do people congregate to spend Christmas on the beach?


Which nation is renowned for its Christmastime custom of a witch leaving presents for kids via the chimney?


Which nation was the first to adopt the custom of decorating a Christmas tree?


When and whose idea was it to send the first Christmas card?

In 1843 (the card was developed by John Horsley, an English academic painter, illustrator, and designer)

On December 5th, what nation has a custom of stuffing candy and sweets into children’s shoes?

It’s the Netherlands.

What species of bird is a common sight on holiday cards?


When was Santa Clause born?

270 AD

Whom, in real life, was Santa Claus modeled after?

St. Nicholas is a Christian bishop

How does Santa’s belly shimmy?

A big bowl of jelly.

What is Santa Claus’s name in Italy?

The Babbo Natal

Where is Santa Claus’s residence?

Northern Pole

What should we put out on Christmas Eve for Santa?

Milk and cookies.

What presents do Swedish youngsters give to Santa Claus?

Coffee (maybe in case he’s feeling tired out after giving out so many gifts).

What is he frequently seen clutching in early Santa Claus illustrations?

A birch rod

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