Boho Bazaar The Epic Flea Market

Boho Bazaar 2022: The Epic Flea Market

Boho Bazaar Is Returning This Christmas To Get You Moving & Swaying! Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way!

To make your celebrations more joyous, Delhi’s coolest shopping festival, Boho Bazaar, is returning with a “tree-mendous” Christmas season at JLN Stadium from the 23rd to the 25th of December 2022.

Enjoy 200+ independent, hand-selected Christmas market pop-ups from all over India, featuring unique, varied goods that are reasonably priced. Everything from clothing, stationery, cosmetics, home décor, footwear, foodstuff, gift boxes, and much more will be available at this massive shopping extravaganza.

Boho Bazaar 2022 Dates

The Boho Bazaar 2022 dates are 23 and 25 December 2022.

Boho Bazaar 2022 Timings

The Boho Bazar 2022 timings are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Boho Bazaar 2022 Venue

The venue of Boho Bazaar 2022 is the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Gate No. 2, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003.

Boho Bazaar 2022 Ticket Price

You must visit the Boho Bazaar 2022 Instagram account to purchase tickets for only 169. You can find much to do at one of India’s largest flea markets for such a low cost.

Boho Bazaar 2022: Free Entry for Children Under the Age of 8 Years

People, if you were considering staying in this weekend because you didn’t know what your little munchkins would do at Boho Bazaar, reconsider! The magnificence of this ultra-hip fiesta is not confined to only top-notch adult shopping; it also features beautiful food booths, kid’s areas, artistic workshops, and a wide range of entertaining activities that will keep you and your little ones thoroughly entertained. The icing on the cake is that children under the age of eight are also admitted free of charge, ensuring that you and your little ones may enjoy this amazing festival to the fullest.

Activities at the Boho Bazaar in 2022

Local Music Groups

Imagine dancing to your favorite tracks while hanging out with your best friends and eating, shopping, and sipping beers and cocktails. After the epidemic, it sounds like a dream, right? That’s no longer the case, though, as Boho Bazaar is prepared to make this fantasy a reality by hosting live music performances throughout the event by a variety of locally produced singers and bands. Prepare to dance to your favorite jams at Boho Bazaar as you prepare to engage yourself in the holiday mood.

Tarot Reading

Boho Bazaar 2022 is the site you should unquestionably visit if you believe in tarot card reading. You can get a quick prediction about your love life, share your job goals, and learn about your future.

Playful games like the wheel spin

Who doesn’t enjoy playing and receiving gift baskets? And guess what, by playing incredibly entertaining games with your squad right here at Boho, such as spin the wheel, culinary face-off, dip, dice thinking and strength games, and more, you may play and win fantastic gift baskets. We can’t wait to share childhood memories with our chaddi friends. You too?

Tinder Camp

Our excitement has increased significantly because Tinder will be putting up Camp Tinder at Boho Bazaar. It’s a fantastic chance to connect with like-minded individuals—possibly even that special someone—and have a great time participating in their many enjoyable activities or just unwinding and dancing to the musician’s Tinder will be showcasing at the festival. You can enjoy your beautiful and great experience of being at Camp Tinder at Boho Bazaar!


Do you know how many merchants will be at the 2022 Boho Bazaar? There will be at least ten giving companies there. So, you can shop for things like candles, hampers, fragrances, etc. What else can you get for the 169 ticket price?

Beautiful Social Media Photo Opportunities

How many photos are considered too many? We don’t know the answer to this, but we do know that when you visit Boho Bazaar’s aesthetically pleasing and gram-worthy locations, you won’t be able to put your phone down even for a second. So just get geared up to make your followers envious with adorable videos and gorgeous photographs by pulling out your best boho outfits and accessories.

Braid Your Hair

Do you consider hair braiding to be trendy? Between December 23 and December 25, women who want to slightly alter their appearance must go to the Boho Bazaar. Choose vibrant metallic strands and beads to enhance your appearance and upload a fresh photo on Instagram.


Boho Bazaar 2022 and BIRA have teamed up to bring you cool drinks to enjoy in the sweltering weather. Its gold hours will begin at noon and last until 4 p.m. You’ll receive a 1+1 deal every day. The beer-loving ladies must refrain from drinking this weekend. You can also order non-alcoholic beverages, coolers, soft drinks, tea, and coffee from other kiosks.


Can you have a flea market festival without food? Not! Everyone will enjoy the Boho Bazaar 2022, which will provide everything from succulent hamburgers to spicy French fries.

Face tattoos and face painting

This Friday, visit the Boho Bazaar if you’ve ever enjoyed face painting or would like to have a face tattoo. Although the face tattoo will be transient, it will undoubtedly appear authentic. There are several options available.


Have you ever drawn anything? Why not take part in the doodle competition at Boho Bazaar 2022 if it’s something that relieves your stress? There is no harm in taking part, whether or not you believe your doodles are capable of being considered works of art.

Making your nails appear beautiful

Have you ever seen the Instagram and Facebook nail art clips that make you drool? Don’t they appear lovely? Well! By using nail art from the flea market, you may also give your nails a stunning makeover.

What Can You Buy At The Boho Bazaar 2022?


Duh! In the name, in fact. Bohemian Bazaar. Women will have many options for colorful clothes. You can purchase a stunning pair of sneakers, spectacular jewelry, trendy accessories, and attractive apparel thanks to the several firms that have set up shop in the flea market.


It has always been possible to get wonderful gifts for your loved ones at Boho Bazaar. And this year, a lot of companies with a reputation for having gift-friendly catalogs will be around. You will be amazed at what the bazaar has in store for you, from baskets to candles and perfumes.

Home Decor

Are you aware that Gurugram’s Banjara Market will also be at Boho Bazaar in 2022? It is real! Therefore, go to the flea market between December 23 and December 25 if you wish to add a shining mirror with a colorful frame to your room.

You can buy chic lampshades, vivid wall hangings, plush pillows, chic stools, rustic chandeliers, vintage metalware, beautiful ceramic pots, and other items that will enhance the elegance of your home.

Organic Items

There will be businesses at Boho Bazaar 2022 known for their domestic goods. So, if you’re looking to buy organic goods and herbs, this flea market won’t let you down.

Why are you holding out? Boho Bazaar 2022: The Flea Market is a great place to spend time with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boho Bazaar 2022

What are the dates of Boho Bazaar 2022?

The dates of the Boho Bazaar 2022 are December 23 and 25, 2022.

What are the timings of Boho Bazaar 2022?

The timings of Boho Bazaar 2022 are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What is the venue of Boho Bazaar 2022?

The Boho Bazaar 2022 venue is the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Gate No. 2, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi – 110003.

What is the price of a ticket to Boho Bazaar 2022?

The Boho Bazaar 2022 ticket price is 169 rupees only.

How to book tickets for Boho Bazaar?

To buy tickets for only 169, go to the Boho Bazaar 2022 Instagram page. One of the biggest flea markets in India offers a lot of entertainment for a little price.


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